There all sorts of mixed reactions a girl can get when she tells people that she wants to do the big chop or transition from being a relaxed head to a natural head.


 ‘Black natural hair doesn’t grow, don’t you want your hair to grow?’


‘Are you just wanting to become part of the new natural hair movement thingy?’


‘Natural hair is so tough and hard, how will you manage it?’


‘Are you trying to get in touch with your African self? Are you going to go all black sista crazy on us?’


From people looking at you with incredulous expressions, discouraging  statements, giggling  and shaking of heads to genuine support and encouragement. The range of reactions one can get is something to look forward to, whilst being strong enough to stick with what you want no matter what people may think.


My story isn’t very complicated or full of any cliches. I have been natural haired for many years after getting burnt by relaxers and light texturisers in my late teens. I am tender headed and burn easily. Even though before I got my hair relaxed, I begged my mother to relax my hair so I could have long straight hair that blew in the wind and have no snagging when I brush my hair. But after I relaxed my hair, I felt that the burns, thinning of hair, avoidance of water and dryness was not worth it. So I chopped of all my hair but did not understand how to take care of my texture and I hot combed and flat ironed it constantly. My hair never grew past neck length. I probably big chopped every two years and the longest my hair grew then was shoulder length. From the last time I big chopped, I started the weave cycle. Without taking care of the hair underneath the weave my hair broke off badly and was so badly damaged, I realised that I needed to make drastic changes when it came to my hair care. Not only was I balding from weaves but I felt I was losing my identity in all the weaves.


So I decided my hair could be recovered. It had been thicker and longer before and I was going to take care of it that the best that I could and see how long my hair could grow naturally.


This blog is where I will chronicle my hair journey, all that I learn and the holistic practices I will take part towards a healthy head of hair and lifestyle.

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