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January 2013


To say my hair was badly damaged is an understatement. It was breaking, I had bald spots from overweaving, thinning edges, dry ends, split ends. I seriously considering just chopping it all off.

When I sftarted taking care of my hair, I started off by trimming my hair until it was about 2 inches long. Then I got in touch with my curls.

  • Every week, I put an oil (either amla or evoo) and detangle my hair, put in about 8 braids, then deep condition, then rinse with cold water. Pat dry with a tshirt or towel until damp, then seal with a mixture of castor oil and evoo oil. Leave in braids and air dry
  • I conditioner wash my hair once a week with Tressemme Naturals conditioner and shampoo wash my hair with Tressemme Naturals low sulfate shampoo when needed. Other I cleanse/clarify my hair with apple cider vinegar every 3-4 weeks
  • I use a protein conditioner every week, with a conditioning treatment to balance it out.
  • Hot oil treatment, henna treatment, tea rinse and any other treatment, I use as and when needed
  • For moisturising, I use water in a spritz bottle mixed with leave in conditioner  and evoo and sometimes use castor oil on scalp
  • I don’t use combs or brushes, except when I just have to and in that case I use a wide tooth comb. Otherwise I use my fingers.
  • I protective style as much as I can, with cornrows, flat twists, braid extensions and wigs.

 A few months after my hair was blacker, thicker and was starting to grow back in bald areas. My hair was not breaking off AT ALL and was strong, the strongest it has ever been I believe.

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