Box Braids! Part 1


Box braids (maone-one/madreads) have been done by ladies for years. They are a great protective style, giving your hair a break from manipulation, as long as you take care of your hair while they are in box braids. They are a cute hairstyle that can be used when transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, trying to retain some length, for a hot fashion style or just need a break from your hair. I recently got myself some gloriously waist length ones, that I absolutely LOVE! The versatility of box braids makes them so much fun to have. I used to get braids or a weave and forget about my hair underneath – it needs to be taken care of!


So I got mine professionally installed by my lovely hairdresser Nyasha. I washed and deep conditioned my hair on my own at home, let it dry and stretched my hair using african threading (mabuns). Then Nyasha, plaited with medium size partings.

The installation
• I would recommend a deep conditioning and treatment before get plaited for extra protection. Hair should be washed, clean and moisturised
• Make sure the partings are not too thin or too thick. Long extensions can be very heavy for hair strands, if the parting is too thin, this puts strain on the few hair strands used. If the parting is too thick, the extra extension hair used can also weigh down the hair strands. A box parting with each side being about 0.5inches should be adequate.
• Braids should not be installed so tightly that they cause pain, a headache or the hair being pulled out of your edges (the horror).

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