I am not my hair!

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I have a new obsession. It’s not a fad; I’ve never been one for doing anything just because it was en vogue. It’s a journey of self discovery and growth. I am not my hair but my hair is an extension of me. As a proud African woman, I have misgivings on putting chemicals in my hair to change its texture and putting on fake plastic or real hair on my head to cover my own; as if I was denying God’s creative power in my individuality. My hair also always seemed to be crying out to let her be, the way she is meant to be. Unhealthy hair, scalp burns, receding hairline, breaking hair, you name it and all the while, here I was trying to force her just so I could be acceptably beautiful.I do not want to dictate to anyone what they should do or look like to feel beautiful. I just want to use this article to rant about why society feels it must dictate to me what I should do with my hair.

Generally people still view afro textured hair to be unprofessional and doesn’t align with the standard of beauty as seen with Beyonce and Kim Kardashian who most black women in my country at least, look up to. The city I live in is an over weaved city. Whether it’s done badly or looks perfect like it’s whomever’s own hair using a lace front wig, if you’re not wearing a weave, you are constantly asked when you’re getting your hair done. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of people who have asked me when I’m relaxing my hair and when I say never they look at me like I have elephant dung on my head. I have had the occasional ‘Oh you have soft healthy hair, it will be so long when you relax it’. Yes and it will also stop looking healthy.

If there was one group of people on this continent that loves anything western it would be most of the people in my country….

Continue article here: http://readerscafeafrica.com/2013/01/i-am-not-my-hair/

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