My Journal: I’m putting in twists!

Priscilla Shirer (Source:

Priscilla Shirer (Source:

Strangely, I haven’t done twists in my hair since I got serious about my natural hair. I’m going to have a go at them and report back with results.

A few years ago I met Priscilla Shirer, a well-know African American preacher/teacher/evangelist at a conference in South Africa. I was amazed at the length of her hair, which was natural and almost waist length. She had twists in her hair, which she seems to have most of the time. I’ve heard of quite a few people with long natural hair using twists as a protective style for a few weeks and it seems to be a great way to retain length. So I’m going to try it…

Two strand twists can be done on wet or dry hair. Twists on dry hair will show more length but less volume whereas on wet hair, your hair will have more shrinkage but more volume. Also twists on wet hair, will have more definition when you take them out. I’m going to try wet ones first, because I prefer volume at the moment.

After a little research this is how I plan to do twists on damp hair:

1. Wash my hair to cleanse and moisturise it. I want to make sure my hair is freshly washed, clean and conditioned

2. Pat partially dry with a micro-fibre towel or t’shirt, then put some leave in conditioner on my damp hair

3. I will use oil to seal the moisture in, which will be extra virgin olive oil mixed with castor oil.

Side note: Castor oil is a great sealant for my hair but because I have fine hair, too much of it, weighs my hair down, so I usually mix a little bit with another lighter oil. A lot of people use the LOC method (while hair is damp, apply a Liquid, which can be leave in conditioner or even water, then an Oil, then a Cream) when it comes to sealing in moisture. I usually leave out the cream.

4. Then with some oil still in my hands and some moisturising cream, I will twist my hair, curling the ends around my finger.

5. I plan to make my parts about half an inch each side and to make diagonal parts. I have fine and low/medium density hair so I don’t want my twists to look too scalpy, diagonal parts should help.

6. Then I will let my hair dry! And hopefully I will have pretty twists. Fingers crossed.

Make sure to sleep with a satin bonnet on or on a satin pillowcase. Also, maintain good hair practices such as moisturising.

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