My journal: Bantu Knots

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

So I tried out the twists, but because I didn’t have the energy or the time to do small ones, I didn’t keep them in for long. Smaller ones will have to be put aside for a future date. I instead decided to do bantu knots so I could do a bantu knot out for church. The bantu knots turned out really good and I was pleased with the results.

Bantu knots can be used as a style on their own. Bantu knot outs ( with the bantu knots undone ), usually have different results on different textures with variations in the curl achieved. This also depends on the products used and how small the bantu knots done are.


So this is what I did:

1. After deep conditioning, detangling and washing my hair, I put my leave in conditioner on my damp (not wet) hair, I sectioned my hair into about 12 parts ( for more defined curls, even more parts can be used)
2. I used a mixture of about 3/4 olive oil and 1/4 castor oil to seal the moisture
3. With the oils still on my hands, take one part, divide the part in two equal halves. I roll the two halves on the themselves, then twist the two parts together tightly.
4. When I’ve reached the end, I twist the part into itself then coil it around itself and tuck the end in at the bottom
5. I then let my hair dry completely in the bantu knots
6. I kept my hair in the bantu knots overnight, and in the morning I unravelled the twists and separated the curls until I got my desired look

For church, I wanted to wear a beanie so I left a little hair out in the front.

I will definitely do this style more often, it’s easy and I like the results.

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2 thoughts on “My journal: Bantu Knots

  1. I tried a bantu knot,it just work out well for me. Can you show some pictures to show what the back looked like when you took it down?

    • The first time I tried bantu knots, it was a disaster. I had done the bantu knots on dried hair and didn’t roll the parts when I was twisting. I actually think that was what made the difference with my hair. Doing them on damp (not wet) hair and twisting the two strands on themselves. As for the pics of the back, sorry I didn’t actually take pics of my whole head before I put my hat on. Next time I do them I’ll remember to do so.

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