Four Ways to Reduce Excessive Hair Shedding


My hair shedding issues are non-issues finally! My hair is still shedding but I believe it’s now at a normal rate. This is all thanks to a tedious garlic paste,  aloe vera juice and black tea rinse that I did, along with my usual healthy regimen. So I decided to blog about my findings and experiences:


  1. Scalp massage

I just started focusing on massaging my scalp, it feels good and hopefully my scalp and hair strands agree. Rubbing of the scalp with your fingertips to activate the sebaceous glands and increase blood circulation in the scalp promotes hair growth and lengthens the anagen phase (the active growth phase). This has to be done daily to see results.

  • You can massage using an essential oil mix. Some essential oils contain healing cell regeneration properties that help penetrate the cortex to repair damaged follicles and stimulate hair growth.  Effective essential oils to use are a few drops (2-3 drops) of rosemary, thyme, tea tree, cedarwood or lavender in a base oil such as coconut, olive, almond, castor or jojoba oil. To store the oil mixture, place in a dark bottle and put in a dark cool place.
  • You can also just use a good basic oil to massage but beware of buildup since oil is being placed directly on the scalp
  • A good mixture is two parts coconut oil, one part amla oil and a few drops of lemon juice.
  • Another good moisturising mix is 4 tablespoons each of honey and olive oil , with a little cinnamon powder


2. Hair Rinses

  • Steep some rosemary leaves in water, when it cools down use it as a rinse during wash
  • Boil some water and put about three black tea bags, let it cool and use it as a rinse
  • Coconut milk is a great  tissue-nourishing plant derivative, use it in your wash
  • Wheatgrass Juice, one of the most effective remedies against hair fall or Aloe Vera Juice which is similar, can be used as a rinse or in a hair spritz.


3. Hair Pastes

  • Garlic paste – truthfully I was not looking forward to trying this out as a remedy. I was afraid of that overpowering garlic smell but I did it anyway. It’s easy to prepare, just crush a few cloves  of garlic, add it into an oil, then put the paste on your scalp. I kept it in for about thirty minutes, then washed it out. The smell dissipated after my wash, thankfully.
  • Using Ayurvedic Powders such as Brahmi – Add brahmi powder to water to make a paste, add it to damp unwashed hair, cover your hair and sit for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse, shampoo and style as usual.


4. Healthy Eating

I believe the most important remedy is the one that works from the inside. Make sure you are getting your essential nutrients and eat more seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables and foods with calcium, protein, iron, vitamin c, b complex vitamins and vitamin E.

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