Hair Journal: False Alarm

I believe I have figured out why my hair was acting out.

Although, it seems to be true that my hair porosity has changed from being very porous to normal/low porosity, my hair was dry because my hair had too much protein and also with the change in weather here. I wasn’t getting my balance right. From my last wash, I had used a protein treatment then a moisturising deep conditioner, which I discovered a few days ago when I looked through the ingredients, has some protein too. My leave in conditioner that I used that day, also had some protein. On top of that I was using a 50% aloe vera spritz and since aloe vera mimics proteins, you guessed it, my hair had way too much protein.

So to remedy this, I washed my hair with conditioner, having done a hot oil treatment before to open my hair cuticles more. I conditioned my hair with same deep conditioner (which has some protein, but it’s the only source of protein I used this time), then used oil to seal my strands without any leave in conditioner. My hair is already showing signs of happiness. I will continue spritzing my hair with my aloe vera juice mix though, but I will use 10% of it, with water and oil and no glycerine.

Hopefully, this will be a non-issue soon.

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