My Henna Story: Part 2 – My Full Henna Treatment

 My full strength henna treatment

I just want to emphasise that before putting henna on the whole head of hair, TEST THE HAIR FIRST! Take shed hair strands from a hair comb, and place the hair in some henna. Check after a few hours, then after a day on the condition of the hair. If it is favourable, go ahead…

This might seem like a really long and complicated process at first, but after the first few times, it becomes easier and simpler. Basically I prepare my mixture and detangle and moisturise my hair a day before. Then the next day at night, I apply the henna on to my hair, go to sleep then wake up in the morning and wash it out.

 Ingredients for my henna mix for my medium density neck length hair



100g of pure good quality henna ( for thicker and longer hair, more should be used) – Body Art Quality (BAQ) is recommended

3 teabags of green tea (any other acidic liquid can be used, such as lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, orange juice, black tea, etc I use green tea because it is the least harsh)

2 tablespoons of pure honey

2 cups of water

Products used after henna application

Organic Root Stimulator replenishing conditioner (or deep moisturising conditioner of your choice)

Leave – in conditioner

Olive/Castor oil (or any other oil or cream of your choice)

Recommended materials

All these materials will most likely get stained, so it’s best to use things you don’t really need for anything else.

Materials and after henna products

Materials and after henna products


Old newspapers or towels

Glass bowl or tupperware container (I use a lunchbox container)

Spoon to mix

 Shower cap and/or plastic bag 

Head scarf

Optional: micro heat cap or hooded dryer Mixing it up ( about 1 hour to prepare)

Preparation (about 1 hour to prepare and 12 hours to allow for dye release)

Henna mix

Henna mix

1. Bring the two cups of water to the boil

2. Add the green tea to the water and let it cool

3. Put the henna powder in the bowl/container and slowly add the tea mixture to the powder until it is the consistency of mashed potatoes

4. Cover it with a lid or foil paper, and let it sit for about 12 hours, so the dye releases

5. About 30mins before putting it on the hair, add the honey and mix it. The mixture should have smooth consistency but not runny

Applying it to the hair (30 minutes)


1. Make sure hair is detangled, hair can be damp or dry (I do it on dry hair)

2. Part workable hair sections with clips or by sectioning then making twists

3. With the bathroom floor covered in newspapers or used towels, and gloves on, choose a section to work with ( I start from the back)

4. Using the gloves, plaster the henna mixture on the section in a plopping motion, not rubbing it in. Be generous, and try to make sure all the hair has henna on it

5. Repeat with all the sections

6. When the whole head of hair is covered in henna, put on the plastic bag or shower cap (I use two), then put on a scarf over it.

After henna application (4- 8 hours to allow henna to marinate, then about an hour to wash out)

Plastic and scarf for the night

Plastic and scarf for the night

1. To allow your hair to let the henna penetrate, wait about 6-8 hours before washing it out. I simply I go to sleep with it, then wake up and wash it out. Alternatively, to shorten the time for soaking up, a heat source such as a heat cap or hooded dryer can be used and the henna can be washed out after 4 hours.

2. After this, the henna can be washed out. This can be done by dunking the head in the bathtub or large dish of water (remember henna stains though) to get most of the henna out. Then to ensure all of it is out, you can run water over your hair in the shower. A slippery conditioner can be used to wash out the henna. It will basically feel like you are washing out dried mud from your hair (my least favourite part about using henna)

3. When the hair is free of henna, apply the moisturising deep treatment and let it sit for at least 30 minutes

4. Wash it out, dry and style as usual

Just after washing out the henna

Just after washing out the henna


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11 thoughts on “My Henna Story: Part 2 – My Full Henna Treatment

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  2. I have always wanted to try this henna on my hair but I don’t know what to expect. I have bought the henna but am waiting till next month when I cut off the rest of the relaxed hair. thanks for this post, I think its going to help my 1st ever henna application.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it and hope it helps a ton…. When I used henna the first time, I was so anxious, but now I hardly even make a mess and it’s fun seeing the results…

  3. Red Kate

    Hihi! I just found your blog – neato! I was looking for information about what henna will stain. I’ve been using it for years, but just moved and my new place has a corian sink. I can attest that the henna did NOT stain the sink nor the tub. 🙂
    I did want to mention that I use a plastic squeeze bottle – like the kind you’d find in a diner with ketchup in it (at least in the States – though mine was meant for frosting). I’m not sure you can get something like that where you are, but it helps with the application and keeping the mess to a minimum a LOT. I just squeeze it on, focusing on the roots of my hair.

    So glad you’re seeing awesome results with your hair!!

    • Thanks 🙂 And that’s such a great idea, Red Kate. I’m definately going to try out the squeeze bottle next time, seems less messy.

  4. mimie

    hey.. thanks for the great post. i wanna try it out and i would really love to know where you get henna in harare or did u get it online?

    • I used to get my henna at ZimSpice at Sam Levy’s Village. Last time I went there (May), they had stopped stocking it. So I’m planning to get it online.

  5. Jo

    Have you tried zimspice Marimba, belvedere? Thats where i got mine

  6. Jo

    Yeah Marimba shopping centre. The little corner shop after Nando’s. Glad to help!

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