The Full Henna Treatment process too tedious? Try a henna gloss treatment….

 I know of quite a few people, who want to try henna but are scared of starting off with the full henna treatment.

Some reasons are:

  • I don’t want bright red or any red colour, I just want the conditioning properties
  • I like my curl pattern and I don’t want henna to ruin my natural curl pattern
  • I heard it can make my hair dry and brittle
  • The process is too long and tedious
  • I just want the strengthening effects of henna, not anything else

 For people like this, I recommend a henna gloss or variations of the henna gloss treatment. I do this when I don’t have much time and I don’t have the energy to spend a long time washing out henna from my hair. I also use it when I want both moisture and strengthening. Its very simple, but since it’s kept in for four hours, the strengthening effects and dye release will be less than in a full henna treatment.


This what I do:

My henna treatment has the same ingredients and I use the same materials from my full henna treatment. The process is also the same except:

I add a light silicone free conditioner, I usually use Tressemme Naturals silicone free conditioner, instead of water.

I don’t let the dye release, I mix the ingredients, then use it after about 30minutes.

I keep it in my hair for about 4 hours without heat.


Afterwards, my hair is always soft, shiny and with some strengthening.

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