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Hair Idol: Chiwoniso Maraire (RIP)

nehanda 4

A Zimbabwean icon passed away yesterday. Mbira musician Chiwoniso Maraire aged 37 died yesterday from a lung infection, and I’m absolutely gutted. Her music to me was an inspiration and she was a joy to watch live.

I wanted to profile her as a dreadlocked hair icon later on, but I’ve decided to profile her now in celebration of her life at her passing.

Chiwoniso with her mbira

Chiwoniso with her mbira

Chiwoniso Maraire was born in 1976 in exile in Olympia, Washington in the US. Her Zimbabwean parents, Dumisani and Linda Maraire were both musicians. Her father, ethnomusicologist Dumisani Maraire, taught marimba and mbira in America between 1972 and 1990. Chiwoniso started singing and playing the mbira at a very young age. Her family relocated after independence to Zimbabwe in 1990, where Chiwoniso attended high school. She was a member of a hip hop oriented ensemble, A Peace of Ebony, which won a number of contests and “Rebel Woman,” one of her songs finished second in an international song writing contest that had over 1500 entries.

In the mid-1990s she became a full-time member of the Zimbabwean group Andy Brown & The Storm. In 1999, she was a nominee in the “Best Female Vocals of Africa” category of the KORA Awards. Chiwoniso left Andy Brown & The Storm to concentrate on her solo career in 2001.

For the last fewyears, she has been working with her own band, Vibe Culture. Her last album, Rebel Woman, is a mixture of traditional Shona musical styles using traditional instruments and modern African dance music.

Chiwoniso created a music that reflects life as it happens in her experiences and yet remain rooted in her culture.

Chiwoniso performing live

Chiwoniso performing live

Dreadlocked Zimbabweans, like other nationalities, get dreadlocks for religious reasons, as a fashion statement or the apparent convenience. Chiwoniso Maraire wore dreadlocks as part and parcel of the traditional African culture celebrated through music.

nehanda radio 1

Doing a radio interview

Doing a radio interview


Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

nehanda radio

Source: Nehanda Radio

Source: Nehanda Radio

Famba zvakanaka Chiwoniso, tichazokuona….


Biography information and media is from Wikipedia, Listen to the Banned, Nehanda Radio, Tumblr, Youtube and

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Hair Journal: Update

So I got a new pet crocodile, Pookie, but will have to return him to the crocodile farm after a few months to avoid accidents.

Pookie and me

Pookie and me

 This past month I’ve had box twists in my hair and I had new box braids/twists issues that came up. I truly wish hair issues would be non-existent but alas. I braided my hair for winter, since our winters although not very cold, are very dry and windy. So to protect my strands, I got box twists. Now this time, the box braid/twist experience was not as smooth as last time.

My box twists...

My box twists…

The last time I had waist length box braids that I kept in for about six weeks, this time, I had my hair done in past shoulder box twists with extensions called Afro Kinky for the same length of time.


 The last time I had issues with scalp pain from tight updos and itchy scalp which were solved quickly. This time, I had to battle a dry scalp almost daily, but it was not itchy. My hair in general was just really dry and it didn’t help that I didn’t moisturise my hair as often as I should have. Box extensions tend to make me feel lazy with my hair, but I do fight it… I undid a few braids on my crown to redo them, to find that I had a lot of split ends, which just made me so sad. What is the point of protective styling if the ‘protection’ seems to cause more harm?


I’m left with about a week, then I will undo my twists. I’m seriously praying that the split ends aren’t widespread on my head, that will just make me cry.


I suspect that along with the harsh dry weather, the extensions I used for my fine, fragile strands could have been the reason for the damage. I had my twists done at the salon, and the extensions they recommended were the Afro Kinky ones which are apparently easier to twist with. Personally I really liked the name (considering I love all things natural hair and kinky coily) and loved the fact that they looked more natural. The texture of these extensions however, is quite brittle and wiry. I believe the extensions rubbing my hair, could have caused split ends and exacerbated the dryness.


So I learnt a very big lesson for the future: it’s not just about how you install and take care of your protective style, if extensions are being used, choosing the right ones is also highly important.


I’ll have a better view of the state of my hair when I undo it next week, right now, I’m just praying all is well.

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Why short hair rocks…


Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

I have short hair, it’s just above my shoulders, neck length. It’s growing and I really should have more patience but if I could will it to grow faster so I have long healthy hair, I would. Waist length hair when stretched which would be about mid back length with my shrinkage (that’s what I dream of). Thick gorgeous coily kinky hair that is, key word here, LONG.


Danai Gurira

Danai Gurira

The reality though is that my hair is short and I have to enjoy my hair being short. At whatever length it is, I have to enjoy my hair and all the advantages each length has. Therefore, here are some advantages of short hair, for the long haired ladies who want to cut their hair; for girls who want to keep their hair short and for those who are growing their hair and need some encouragement or reminders on why short hair rocks:

  •  Less time in doing your hair, whether it’s styling, washing or detangling
  • Stronger ends, since they’re not as old as the ends would be with longer hair. This means fewer split or frayed ends, less tangles and less fragile ends
  • Short hair styles can be so cute and hard to fake when you have longer hair
  • Better to experiment with, for example, when dyeing or when trying new products. This might sound weird, but you might as well experiment with short hair than with long hair since new growth is stronger
  • You are free to have hand in hair syndrome, since your hair is stronger to withstand constant manipulation at this length
  • Water is all you need. At some short lengths, not much is needed to be done. Washing hair and going is easier at short lengths for most hair textures, air drying is faster and tangles are not as big an issue as they would be with longer hair
  • Short hair is cheaper, less products, less time and in some cases, less effort
  • Protective styling is not as important since hair doesn’t touch shoulders and rub against clothing. So hair can be free more often.

If you have short hair, what do you like about it?

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Could you rock these – Hip length and more braids inspiration

tumblr_mn071rSKIA1r48yyao1_500Super long braids are beautiful and stylish to look at on other people’s head, but honestly I don’t think my strands or scalp could handle the weight. I might reconsider when I have longer hair, for now I’ll just admire:



Solange Knowles has worn this hairstyle a few times already:









































Solange thigh length braidstumblr_m8o80q6pbo1rcifh9o1_500

And more inspiration elsewhere:






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