Hair Journal: Update

So I got a new pet crocodile, Pookie, but will have to return him to the crocodile farm after a few months to avoid accidents.

Pookie and me

Pookie and me

 This past month I’ve had box twists in my hair and I had new box braids/twists issues that came up. I truly wish hair issues would be non-existent but alas. I braided my hair for winter, since our winters although not very cold, are very dry and windy. So to protect my strands, I got box twists. Now this time, the box braid/twist experience was not as smooth as last time.

My box twists...

My box twists…

The last time I had waist length box braids that I kept in for about six weeks, this time, I had my hair done in past shoulder box twists with extensions called Afro Kinky for the same length of time.


 The last time I had issues with scalp pain from tight updos and itchy scalp which were solved quickly. This time, I had to battle a dry scalp almost daily, but it was not itchy. My hair in general was just really dry and it didn’t help that I didn’t moisturise my hair as often as I should have. Box extensions tend to make me feel lazy with my hair, but I do fight it… I undid a few braids on my crown to redo them, to find that I had a lot of split ends, which just made me so sad. What is the point of protective styling if the ‘protection’ seems to cause more harm?


I’m left with about a week, then I will undo my twists. I’m seriously praying that the split ends aren’t widespread on my head, that will just make me cry.


I suspect that along with the harsh dry weather, the extensions I used for my fine, fragile strands could have been the reason for the damage. I had my twists done at the salon, and the extensions they recommended were the Afro Kinky ones which are apparently easier to twist with. Personally I really liked the name (considering I love all things natural hair and kinky coily) and loved the fact that they looked more natural. The texture of these extensions however, is quite brittle and wiry. I believe the extensions rubbing my hair, could have caused split ends and exacerbated the dryness.


So I learnt a very big lesson for the future: it’s not just about how you install and take care of your protective style, if extensions are being used, choosing the right ones is also highly important.


I’ll have a better view of the state of my hair when I undo it next week, right now, I’m just praying all is well.

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