A few hair lessons

Once again, I just want to say I love my natural hair and this journey of taking care of it in its natural state. You hear of people talking about that ‘good’ hair. What is ‘good’ natural hair?  Soft, thick, bouncy, loosely curled? Well, I have type 4 hair, very soft when moisturised, very fine strands that are so vulnerable if you look at them wrong they might fly away and medium to low density hair. I pray for thicker hair and stronger stands, and thankfully as it gets longer it looks thicker. I have had issues, though, naturally, excuse the pun. I’ve had to learn through brittle strands, tangling and excessive shedding what I was doing wrong.


That is the main lesson I’ve learnt.

Here are a few other things I’ve learnt:

  • My hair does NOT like aloe vera (unless I’m going to wash it out very soon afterwards), amla and coconut oil. All of these products make my hair brittle and unhappy
  • My hair loves glycerin, but only when there is some humidity in the air (Harare is not a humid place unless it’s about to rain or just after it has rained)
  • My scalp doesn’t like to have much on it
  • Extensions (for box braids) that are not silky are a big NO NO
  • My hair needs to be trimmed or dusted often – it’s those fine strands being their vulnerable selves
  • My hair thrives in half wigs although wearing wigs irritates me
  • Make sure to check expiry dates on products (more on this in my henna story soon…)

We live, we learn. That’s the way the journey goes…

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10 thoughts on “A few hair lessons

  1. Good post, do what works for you girl 🙂

  2. Maz

    hey Tafi are there natural hair products like coconut oil and henna in Harare?if so where can i get them?

    • Coconut oil can be found in some pharnacies, eg the ones in Avondale, Borrowdale and Kensington. I’m not sure about the purity though. I found pure coconut oil (which was different from the ones in the pharmacies) and henna at Zim Spice at Sam Levy’s Village. Last time I checked though, the henna had finished, so I’m currently looking for other sources.

  3. Fue

    Hey Tafi I love your blog go team naturals ,Hi Maz at Jeenz Haircare Products by Travel Plaza Opposite the Avenues Hospital

  4. Maz

    Thanks Ladies!! natural hair revolution here we come!

  5. asisipo

    Love this site im from South africa how do i use aloe vera and glycerin on my hair?

    • Thank you 🙂
      Here are some ideas of how to use aloe vera in your hair https://tafistresses.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/aloe-vera-and-hair/.
      Personally, my hair responds really well to aloe vera juice as a prepoo and detangler before I wash my hair. My hair is super soft afterwards.
      Glycerin is one of my staples during summer, I usually use about 25% glycerin, water and about 10% leave in conditioner (or normal conditioner, I use Tressemme Naturals). I then use this as a moisturising spritz daily or at least every few days.
      Hope that helps 🙂

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