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Product Review: Nature’s Gate Lemongrass & Clary Sage Shampoo

This is my first product review.

I’ve searched all over for a sulphate free shampoo and the closest I got was Tressemme Naturals Lower Sulphates Shampoo. I have been using this shampoo diluted for the past two years. So when I came across a completely sulphate free shampoo, I grabbed it and ran. Well, after paying for it.

Nature’s Gate Herbal Blend Volumizing Shampoo Lemongrass & Clary Sage


After using it, I just had to do a review on it.

Price: $10

More about the shampoo

It was specifically made for fine hair as it is a volume enhancing shampoo.

From the website, certified organic extracts are fresh from the field, locally grown in California on land dedicated to growing Nature’s Gate botanical essences are used.  At the family owned Organic farm, each plant receives individual care, ensuring the highest purity and quality.  The farm’s water source is derived from the winter rains and snow pack of the Sierra Nevadas. It’s a cruelty free and vegan product.

Most of all it contains:

  • No Phthalates or Parabens
  • No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth/Coco Sulfates (which I was most excited about)
  • No Animal Testing
  • No Animal Derived Ingredients.

My view

The pros

  • I love the smell, which lingers long after washing
  • It lathers well and was easy to apply
  • Really soothes itchy scalp, without my hair feeling stripped
  • It’s gentle, but cleanses effectively.

The cons

  • The only con is it is so hard to find in Harare. For the actual shampoo, my hair loves it.

My Rating

I actually feel like I would even shampoo my hair more often with this shampoo. My hair was fluffy and soft after my complete wash routine.

4.5/5 points




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My hair without henna

I’m an advocate for the use of henna (Body Art Quality Pure henna, that is) for my hair health. There are so many benefits that I have gotten from using it. The main reason I used henna was because I have very fine delicate strands and low to medium density hair. I needed something that will help my strands be stronger and I wanted that thickness that henna can help with. I like the colour and shine too.

Henna mix

My henna mix

I haven’t used henna in almost a year after previously using henna for approximately a year. I have noticed quite a few things about my hair without the use of henna and I wanted to highlight them:

  • My hair is shedding so much. It started after a few months of not using henna and used to shed a lot before I started using henna. Before my hair would break and shed a lot before using henna. Then reduced greatly when I started using it. My hair in the past few months is shedding excessively.
  • My hair tangles a lot at the roots. Actually it tangles all over probably because of the excessive shedding. It hardly tangled at the roots when I used henna though.
  • One reason I reduced then stopped using henna (besides the fact I can’t find pure henna in Harare anymore), is that my curl pattern was getting looser. I didn’t want my coils and curls to become straight, and that’s what seemed to be happening.
  • My hair is back to looking fine and thin, which I do not like at all.
  • My hair is back to being fragile, and I’m experience split ends more often now.
  • I miss the red shimmer my hair has in the sun.

This is just what I’ve noticed especially in the last few months.

I plan on starting to use henna again starting next month. I’ll probably use it every 3 months, then decrease to once in 6 months, since I don’t want to lose my coil pattern.

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Hair updo week

I thought I would post pics of what I did with my hair the past week for work.













For the week I alternated between a bun and different updos. I only took pictures of the updos though.

2014-07-04-3110_1 2014-07-04-3105_12014-07-04-3104_1


2014-07-03-3092_1 2014-07-03-3090_1

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Hair Update: Pony!

On my hair update, I didn’t mention that my hair grew a lot over 5 weeks. I can now tie a proper ponytail! I couldn’t before, it was seriously a shungu pony. I’m still working on my edges and still pray for thickness and density, but it’s healthy and growing, so I’m happy.


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Hair Update

This month I went from:
























My box braids experience this time around wasn’t so great.

I was a little lazy with moisturising at times and it is winter here, Other than that I didn’t have any issues during the time I had the braids in my hair. When it came to taking them down though….

I had so much buildup and my hair was more tangled than it usually is, after I’ve had box braids. Mind you, I took them down sooner than I usually do at 5 weeks.

Detangling my hair was a mission and a half, but I did so. I had a lot of shed hair, and my hair is still shedding a lot. When I washed my hair, I made a mistake, that I’ve made before that really takes me many steps back when it comes to my hair health. I washed my hair in its free state. I figured that I had detangled it and was going to use conditioner again afterwards to detangle more.

This didn’t work so well.

I always dry detangle with oil on damp hair, never with conditoner on my unbraided hair.

So I shampooed my hair, deep conditioned, used protein and by the time I had finished, my hair was a tangled mess. I used conditioner again ( I use tressemme naturals, it has great slip), to try detangle again and got most of the tangles out. At that stage I gave up, put my hair in braids, did my LOC method, then let it air dry.

When it dried, I detangled again! Finally had tangle free hair.

With all of you as my witnesses, I vow to ALWAYS wash my hair in plaits. That is just what works for my hair.

I also had a lot of split ends and had to an impromptu snipping of hands. I don’t think I’ll be doing box braids in a while, or I’ll learn to install them myself.

This journey is about constant learning.


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