Hair Update

This month I went from:
























My box braids experience this time around wasn’t so great.

I was a little lazy with moisturising at times and it is winter here, Other than that I didn’t have any issues during the time I had the braids in my hair. When it came to taking them down though….

I had so much buildup and my hair was more tangled than it usually is, after I’ve had box braids. Mind you, I took them down sooner than I usually do at 5 weeks.

Detangling my hair was a mission and a half, but I did so. I had a lot of shed hair, and my hair is still shedding a lot. When I washed my hair, I made a mistake, that I’ve made before that really takes me many steps back when it comes to my hair health. I washed my hair in its free state. I figured that I had detangled it and was going to use conditioner again afterwards to detangle more.

This didn’t work so well.

I always dry detangle with oil on damp hair, never with conditoner on my unbraided hair.

So I shampooed my hair, deep conditioned, used protein and by the time I had finished, my hair was a tangled mess. I used conditioner again ( I use tressemme naturals, it has great slip), to try detangle again and got most of the tangles out. At that stage I gave up, put my hair in braids, did my LOC method, then let it air dry.

When it dried, I detangled again! Finally had tangle free hair.

With all of you as my witnesses, I vow to ALWAYS wash my hair in plaits. That is just what works for my hair.

I also had a lot of split ends and had to an impromptu snipping of hands. I don’t think I’ll be doing box braids in a while, or I’ll learn to install them myself.

This journey is about constant learning.


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