My hair without henna

I’m an advocate for the use of henna (Body Art Quality Pure henna, that is) for my hair health. There are so many benefits that I have gotten from using it. The main reason I used henna was because I have very fine delicate strands and low to medium density hair. I needed something that will help my strands be stronger and I wanted that thickness that henna can help with. I like the colour and shine too.

Henna mix

My henna mix

I haven’t used henna in almost a year after previously using henna for approximately a year. I have noticed quite a few things about my hair without the use of henna and I wanted to highlight them:

  • My hair is shedding so much. It started after a few months of not using henna and used to shed a lot before I started using henna. Before my hair would break and shed a lot before using henna. Then reduced greatly when I started using it. My hair in the past few months is shedding excessively.
  • My hair tangles a lot at the roots. Actually it tangles all over probably because of the excessive shedding. It hardly tangled at the roots when I used henna though.
  • One reason I reduced then stopped using henna (besides the fact I can’t find pure henna in Harare anymore), is that my curl pattern was getting looser. I didn’t want my coils and curls to become straight, and that’s what seemed to be happening.
  • My hair is back to looking fine and thin, which I do not like at all.
  • My hair is back to being fragile, and I’m experience split ends more often now.
  • I miss the red shimmer my hair has in the sun.

This is just what I’ve noticed especially in the last few months.

I plan on starting to use henna again starting next month. I’ll probably use it every 3 months, then decrease to once in 6 months, since I don’t want to lose my coil pattern.

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