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Trim or Cut? Trim it is!


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 So posting about haircuts has made me really want to get one. I will be strong though and hold out. Maybe I should get a little trim.

 My options are; I either cut it myself or go get it cut at the salon.

 And since I don’t yet know a good haircutter or trust others with a pair of scissors to my hair, I would have to cut it myself.

 I previously trimmed my hair maybe every 2 months but my goal this year, since my hair has gotten healthier, is to trim every 6 months or when needed. I really want to retain length this year, so I don’t think trimming is necessary if my hair is doing well.

 So how does one know they are in need of a trim?

  • If hair has many split ends or feathering
  • If hair has dry, brittle ends
  • If heat is frequently used on the hair
  • If there is a lot of hair breakage (not shedding)

 The ends of hair strands are the oldest part of the hair and tend to be the most vulnerable. It is important to take care of them by:

  • Always sealing in the moisture at the ends especially (focusing on oiling and moisturising the ends)
  • Avoiding heat in the form of curling irons, flat irons, hot combs and blow drying as much as possible
  • If hair touches shoulders, wearing it in an updo style as much as possible as to avoid friction with clothes
  • Then general good hair health practices


So this is how I trim my hair:

  1. Get a good sharp pair of scissors, blunt ones will cause unnecessary damage
  1. Make sure hair is clean, dry and stretched (without heat, I usually do African threading)
  1. Remember that coily/kinky hair is not straight hair and can not be cut the same way. If you straighten hair using heat, then trim it, if you want it in its natural state again, it will most likely be uneven
  2. I plait my hair in twists or braids, it’s easier to trim more accurately and in the shape that I want than with hair that is free
  3. I then go through each braid/twist and look at the ends for split ends, feathering or brittleness and snip it off
  4. The goal is to trim off only damaged hair, so make sure you don’t over trim.
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