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I cut my hair

My hair, along with the shedding, had developed a lot of split ends. I usually spot trim my hair every few months or when I see split ends. I was seeing split ends more often, so I had planned to do a trim of about an inch. I decided though to cut my hair to even it out. My hair was really long on the sides, short in the middle back part and a bit longer in the crown area. This made styling my hair difficult so I decided to cut it.

Ok, so before I cut my hair, I was checking out the length and celebrating my near armpit length. As I prepared to do a small trim, knowing how scissor happy I can get, I told myself it would just be an inch I’d trim off.


It’s not that clear since the hair on my perimeter is mostly shown, but the back and parts of the middle are significantly shorter and even less dense.

I then decided to cut my hair. I wanted to layer it in a way. So it was more even and if I wanted to rock an afro, it would be a proper halo instead of valleys and peaks.


I’m always sectioning

Then I cut, trying to calm my excited fingers, hoping it all turns out ok. I ended up cutting about four inches off.


The final result


The layers are definitely there






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