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First Wash n Go on my Type 4 Hair

I’ve been wanting to try a wash n go for ages, although I was hesitant due to the thought of the tangle nightmare I could end up having to go through. I finally did it, and I actually didn’t have as many issues I thought I would. I did after my recent hair chop, and I like the way my hair layered when it had shrunk and dried.


After washing and using a leave in conditioner



About 90 percent dry


Products I used:

Coconut oil mixed with neem and amla oil bought at an indian shop (don’t remember the name)


Organics Leave in Conditioner

ORS Hair Mayonnaise

Nature’s Gate shampoo

ORS Replenishing Conditioner

Tressemme Naturals Conditioner

Organics Olive Oil Leave in Conditioner

Castor Oil (normal not Jamaican Black)

ORS Carrot Oil Cream

Natures Gate Shampoo

cond                  download



Steps I took:

1. I did my usual pre-wash routine of detangling my hair the day before using oil. I usually use olive or castor oil before I wash my hair, but this time I used an oil that was coconut oil, mixed with some neem and amla oils that I got at an Indian shop in Belvedere (Harare). I detangle on damp hair usually from a water spritz with a little glycerine and conditioner.

2. I then did my usual wash routine on hair that was braided into 8 sections. I shampooed my hair using my Natures Gate Shampoo. I then used a protein conditioner, the ORS Hair Mayonnaise, leaving it in for about 30 minutes under a plastic cap. Rinsed that out, then added a mixture of ORS Replenishing Conditioner with the Tressemme Conditioner and left that for about 45 minutes. I then rinsed that out.

3. Still under running water, I undid the braids, then used my conditioner to do a final detangle on loose hair with my fingers. After rinsing it out, I used a t’shirt to blot out most of the water. I then used the leave in conditioner, combing it through my hair with my fingers.

4. I then added the castor oil, not much since it weighs my fine strands down. Then finally added the carrot oil cream.


WIth leave in conditioner


With castor oil and carrot oil cream











5. I then waited hours for my hair to dry, didn’t have to go anywhere until later that day, so I had the time.


about 60 percent dry at this stage, there was still a bit of white residue left


About 90 percent done




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Some Type 4 Inspiration

I’ve met a few new naturals with type 4 hair who struggle with their texture and loving their hair at the beginning. I too at the beginning wished my hair looked curly like this:
tumblr_ms3z8tM4Rj1r25q35o1_500            OR                        tumblr_mrwz5xkBRA1r2b2hwo1_500

My hair curls but not in a defined way throughout my head and I seem to have different textures too. Plus my hair is fine and not thick, which I’ve always known and should be used to by now.  I’m growing to love my hair as I get used to taking care of it and discovering what works and doesn’t work. It’s a journey.

Through the media we see a lot of naturals with the looser hair texture, yet there is a lot of inspiration of girls rocking their type 4 natural hair:

tumblr_ms76k1C0tk1rr86kyo1_500 tumblr_ms56jrMjem1r0eaxdo1_500 tumblr_ms9oqpEHZs1spwl2qo1_500 tumblr_ms5twyWCfR1qeg3q3o1_500 tumblr_ms1n3luqmD1rab8pro1_500 tumblr_ms0qt9eAkt1qae60zo1_500 tumblr_mrywprOncC1qeb6upo1_500 SONY DSC tumblr_mrymnl8s951sqbundo1_500 SONY DSC tumblr_mrwksfARdI1se6hpko1_r1_500 tumblr_mrual1l4Gz1rddy6zo1_500 tumblr_mrtcdcNjoC1sg31z6o1_500 tumblr_mq0xj0LsGJ1rl0j6lo1_500 tumblr_mojvy0SyT31r0pcx6o1_500 tumblr_ms2qfr3Ayq1sajot1o1_500tumblr_mr44ygRhju1qh3g0eo1_500tumblr_ms22ypYBHV1sqbundo1_500

Source of all pics is Tumblr

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