Major Update and 2014 in review

For the past six months, I’ve gone from:

2014-06-28-3039 TO:


Twists with Extensions



Yarn twists



For about 95% of the time last year, my hair was in protective styles. I usually rotate between braids with extensions, yarn braids, wigs and a few weeks with my hair out.

I had a lot of growth in my hair, my hair passed collarbone length, which was the good. The bad is that my shedding did not let up and this was frustrating. I tried black tea rinsing, henna, amla, with some of the things working only for a small period of time. I’m now living in acceptance to the fact that my already low to medium density fine hair sheds a lot. I’m still open to remedies, although I realise it might mostly be to do with my diet and my stress levels. In 2015, I plan to explore that further.

In September, I decided to trim my hair which became a big chop. I cut off about 4 inches. My hair was very uneven, because the hair at my sides grows super fast, the back middle super slow, and certain hairstyles just looked weird. So my hair is back at neck length. I want length, but I want health more, cutting off four inches also ensured that all split ends were cut off (I hope).

2015 is the year of health for me, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. That will definitely translate to a healthier head of hair (and less shedding, I hope). I’m not focusing on growth, that will come along with the health. I’m praying for more density and less shedding, through a healthier body, mind and spirit.

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One thought on “Major Update and 2014 in review

  1. lovely gal! tho im more of a weave person than a braid and yarn person i do my hair by myself…but i love to try and teach myself how o do with yarn….very creatv

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