New Year, New Goals

Hi lovely people… 🙂

It’s a new year, time for a new set of goals. First goal, is to blog more frequently throughout the year, giving a more accurate chronicle of my hair journey.

Last year, my main goals were length and health. At the time (beginning of 2014), I had set up a simple regimen I could manage; my hair was stronger and I was retaining most of my length. Unfortunately, soon after, the year spiraled into a roller coaster year for me and my health was compromised. This seemed to affect my hair, a lot. My hair strands shed excessively, which frustrated me. I in turn became  more lax with my hair care, and my hair which is so prone to split ends since it is so fine, was splitting a whole lot. I chopped off about four inches in November, which I’ll blog about later.

For 2015, my main goal is health and everything it encompasses. This year is a year of new beginnings, resurrection with divine grace. So I’m looking forward to being a better, healthier version of myself. Of course I still want thicker, denser hair that does not shed and retains length. So that is where my focus on my health will lead me.

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