I am a natural hair enthusiast and aspiring all things natural lover, based in Harare, Zimbabwe. I am not hair obsessed, because hair is hair, it’s always growing in whatever state. With that said, I do find that as I continue being fascinated with natural hair, I’m beginning to lean towards being natural in all other ways. Treating my body as the temple of God and leading a more organic lifestyle.

I have been a natural head most of my life with bouts of hair relaxing and using texturisers. Even when I had natural hair, I didn’t really care for my hair properly. I am now on this journey of truly embracing my coils, kinks, curls the way God made them. My aim is to grow a truly healthy natural head of hair. This blog is to show my journey with my tresses and to share all that I am learning to truly caring for my natural hair. I also hope this will be a great resource for people in Zimbabwe, Africa and beyond as they travel on their journey of being healthier people.
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Grace and peace.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Grace and peace to you too Sistar, i really appreciate your stoping by at my blog. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations, you know l love your blog so nominated you for the shine on award.

  3. jules

    Greetings from Belgium,i also started a hair journey in March of this year.i also decided to embrace the body god gave me and eat better as well.
    getting long long braids as soon as i finished cleaning up the house 🙂
    I will be checkin you out cheers.

    • Hi Jules, thank you for checking out my blog. It’s so awesome how embarking on the natural hair journey links us to taking better care of the whole body and self. I’m striving to be better in all those ways too.
      😀 enjoy your long braids

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