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My Yarn Twist Process


This was my second attempt at yarn twists and they came out much prettier than my first attempt twists. It was my second time plaiting my hair in braids instead of getting someone else to do it too. The first time, was a lot messier because I got impatient and I was just inexperienced at doing my own hair. THe second time is much neater although I had cramps everywhere, fingers, wrists, neck, shoulders, bum, knees, you name it. It took me a whole weekend and three rolls of acrylic wool (which ended up being a little less than I actually needed).

Yarn twists/braids are basically just box braids/twists using acrylic wool instead of hair extensions.

My process of putting them in was as follows:

  • I detangled, washed, conditioned with a protein conditioner, then a moisturising conditioner and air dried my hair in braids to stretch my hair
  • Sectioned my hair into 8 manageable parts and cut strings of yarn. I wanted just a few inches longer than shoulder length twists, so I cut the wool strings quite long, about double my mid back length
  • Using my fingers (and tail comb sometimes), I made parts about 0.5inches in length and width
  • Taking four pieces of wool, I bent them in the middle to have 8 pieces then plaited the 0.5inch part rooting it by braiding a few centimetres then twisting the rest
  • When twisting, since my twists would unravel, I would twist each individual piece against itself then twist the parts around each other. I do this when I twist my own natural hair too or else the twist won’t stay put
  • I plaited from the back, my edges, then finished with the middle of my head
  • For the ends I got help to cut them straight, then using a lighter and a candle I burnt the ends

Tips for yarn twists / braids

  • Make sure you use 100% acrylic yarn and not just any wool. In Zimbabwe, most of the yarn found in the supermarkets is acrylic. Here it’s just called acrylic wool and will usually state if it’s 100%
  • Try to match the colour of your hair to the yarn to make it look natural, you can experiment and have fun with lots of other colours too
  • Keep them moisturised. I have been doing the same process of moisturising as when my hair is out.
  • Keep them clean by washing as usual, although yarn is heavy when wet
  • Make sure you continue using a satin scarf/bonet or pillowcase as usual.
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Hair Journal: Box Twists to Hair Out to Yarn Twists

Have been so eager to post about my hair and all things hair, but due to the usual connectivity issues found where I happily live, I had to patiently wait. Which as a lady on her natural hair journey, is something that I’m getting the hang of. Patiently waiting.

Anyway, I undid my box twists to reveal hair that is still growing, especially on my stubborn thin edges. Yay! My hair there is slowly filling in and I’m patiently waiting. When I detangled, washed my hair and conditioned it, along with the shedding ( I just don’t feel happy seeing shed hair no matter how normal it is ), my hair was black, shiny and strong. Oh and so soft, so I was very relieved. Adding to my relief was the fact that the few split ends I found when I still had my braids in, were not widespread in my hair. With a little extra tlc on my ends when the braids came out, it was all good.

I love having my hair out, although coming out with cute styles that still look neat for work can be a challenge for me. With my hair out, during the week, I usually do updos or french plaits and puffs. During the weekends, I tend to do more, although I’m a lazy styler. I wanted another protective style though because our winter was not over yet, so got yarn twists/genie locs which I intend to keep in for about 3 to 4 weeks.

So this month I went from:



My puffy puff puff...

My puffy puff puff…

To yarn twists! Which took me FOREVER  to plait.

Nearly done...

Nearly done…


Relieved to be done, finally...

Relieved to be done, finally…


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Hair Journal: Update

So I got a new pet crocodile, Pookie, but will have to return him to the crocodile farm after a few months to avoid accidents.

Pookie and me

Pookie and me

 This past month I’ve had box twists in my hair and I had new box braids/twists issues that came up. I truly wish hair issues would be non-existent but alas. I braided my hair for winter, since our winters although not very cold, are very dry and windy. So to protect my strands, I got box twists. Now this time, the box braid/twist experience was not as smooth as last time.

My box twists...

My box twists…

The last time I had waist length box braids that I kept in for about six weeks, this time, I had my hair done in past shoulder box twists with extensions called Afro Kinky for the same length of time.


 The last time I had issues with scalp pain from tight updos and itchy scalp which were solved quickly. This time, I had to battle a dry scalp almost daily, but it was not itchy. My hair in general was just really dry and it didn’t help that I didn’t moisturise my hair as often as I should have. Box extensions tend to make me feel lazy with my hair, but I do fight it… I undid a few braids on my crown to redo them, to find that I had a lot of split ends, which just made me so sad. What is the point of protective styling if the ‘protection’ seems to cause more harm?


I’m left with about a week, then I will undo my twists. I’m seriously praying that the split ends aren’t widespread on my head, that will just make me cry.


I suspect that along with the harsh dry weather, the extensions I used for my fine, fragile strands could have been the reason for the damage. I had my twists done at the salon, and the extensions they recommended were the Afro Kinky ones which are apparently easier to twist with. Personally I really liked the name (considering I love all things natural hair and kinky coily) and loved the fact that they looked more natural. The texture of these extensions however, is quite brittle and wiry. I believe the extensions rubbing my hair, could have caused split ends and exacerbated the dryness.


So I learnt a very big lesson for the future: it’s not just about how you install and take care of your protective style, if extensions are being used, choosing the right ones is also highly important.


I’ll have a better view of the state of my hair when I undo it next week, right now, I’m just praying all is well.

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Could you rock these – Hip length and more braids inspiration

tumblr_mn071rSKIA1r48yyao1_500Super long braids are beautiful and stylish to look at on other people’s head, but honestly I don’t think my strands or scalp could handle the weight. I might reconsider when I have longer hair, for now I’ll just admire:



Solange Knowles has worn this hairstyle a few times already:









































Solange thigh length braidstumblr_m8o80q6pbo1rcifh9o1_500

And more inspiration elsewhere:






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Winter Time = Box Braid Time

dailymail 2daily mailTruthfully, seeing these pics of Beyonce with her long box braids gets me excited to get box braids again. Last time my braids were quite long at waist length as seen below:

My high bun

My high bun

My box braids a few months back

My box braids a few months back



I am tempted though… Long braids are so pretty.

Just a thought... Source: Tumblr

Just a thought…
Source: Tumblr


Again, just a thought... Source: Tumblr

Again, just a thought…
Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Or I could get twists... Source: Tumblr

Or I could get twists…
Source: Tumblr


Source of pics: the author; Daily Mail UK; Tumblr

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